In 2008, Tim and Kim Wiens created Quantum Agrology Incorporated when the opportunity to work with the Pioneer Hi-Bred was presented.  Over the last decade, the company has grown servicing customers in the Weyburn area.  For the 2009 growing season, Pioneer Hi-Bred launched 45H29, the first canola variety with clubroot resistance.  It became the flagship variety, known for producing above average yields in a range of conditions.  The success of 45H29 laid the foundation for its successors that have also gone on to prove themselves in growers' fields.  Pioneer Hi-Bred has a deep commitment to research in western Canada.  The products coming out of that pipeline will continue to be industry leaders in all 3 herbicide segments, combining yield with the Pioneer Protector traits.  

Corn has always been the backbone of Pioneer Hi-Bred.  The introduction of P7213R initiated a continued lineup of shorter season corn varieties well suited to southeast Saskatchewan conditions.  Followed by the next generation of P7005AM, P7211HR, and P7202AM, and the recently introduced P7211AM, provide a strong early season corn option for grain or silage.

Soybeans are a more recent introduction and through research, Pioneer Hi-Bred has launched several new varieties for our area.  Continued agronomy research further enhances the products available, and each year gives us more information to make better decisions for greater success.  The pipeline is in place to continue adding varieties combined with the ENLIST or Xtend traits, plus added seed protection through the Lumsena  fungicide package.


Tim grew up in the Weyburn area, just outside Halbrite. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture (1990-94) from the University of Saskatchewan, he returned to Weyburn. Tim worked at the Weyburn Inland Terminal for almost ten years where he learned a lot.  During his time at the Terminal, he was able to assist successful growers to expand his knowledge of southeastern Saskatchewan's soil, crops, and growing conditions.


​From a young age, Tim enjoyed growing up on his family's farm and knew he want a career involved in the agriculture sector.  He enjoys talking to farmers to hear their ideas, as he finds experiences are as unique ​as their fingerprints; no two are alike. Everyone has a different philosophy of how farming should be.  Growers combine their philosophy with their experiences to make informed decisions in their operation. Tim's goal is to work with you and your prior knowledge to bring products and ideas that will help move your farm forward.

Every year is different and presents unique challenges, but it always starts with the promise of great things. Tim admires all the growers who have faith to invest in a crop as he has helped his father growing up and experienced the challenges first hand. Tim gains a sense of pride when he knows that he has had a small part of a grower's success at harvest time, whether he sold the seed or influenced that crop in some other way. If he can help you be successful, his business will be successful.

If your farm needs something, Tim is available to answer any questions you have. He is only a phone call, text or e-mail away.