Pioneer has created hundreds of seed varieties.  By looking at soil conditions and common weather patterns in southeast Saskatchewan, there are certain varieties that will provide higher yields. Take a look at them here


Take a look at pictures from past summer tours as well as some common pests that you may find in your crop.



In 2008, Tim and Kim Wiens created Quantum Agrology Incorporated when the opportunity to work with the Pioneer Hi-Bred was presented.  Over the last decade, the company has grown servicing customers in the Weyburn area.  For the 2009 growing season, Pioneer Hi-Bred launched 45H29, the first canola variety with clubroot resistance.  It became the flagship variety, known for producing above average yields in a range of conditions.  The success of 45H29 laid the foundation for its successors that have also gone on to prove themselves in growers' fields.  Pioneer Hi-Bred has a deep commitment to research in western Canada.  The products coming out of that pipeline will continue to be industry leaders in all 3 herbicide segments, combining yield with the Pioneer Protector traits.  


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